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Quach Mong Thu

“Customer care is always at the forefront. We know that, with timely support and care, the customer’s view of the product will become much more positive.” Quach Mong Thu Head of Customer Support

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Nguyen Dinh Duc

“Our products provide a good experience, the services we bring to our customers are the best.” Nguyen Dinh Duc Project Manager

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Nguyen Quoc Thai

“Our customers always feel satisfied when talking about our products and services, and we feel very happy that customers always see the difference from the current market.” Nguyen Quoc Thai Sales Manager

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Nguyen Nam Thach

“Our technical team is trained on business knowledge to ensure that product development is always based on reality, which helps streamline the product.” Nguyen Nam Thach Technical Director

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Truong Nguyen Tuong Khanh

“A good product is a product created by people who clearly understand the meaning and end goal of the product rather than being created just to meet a transient need.” Truong Nguyen Tuong Khanh Product Manager  

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Truong Minh Tan

“Running a company with a high quality of workforce and strong personality is a blessing to us, so that our products and services always carry a special value.” Truong Minh Tan General Manager

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