Today, sales and customer care are always parallel. When customers buy real estate they always want to know how many contracts between them with the investor, date signed, contract value, information on real estate are buying such as position, direction, lot, floor, number rooms, images …, payment periods, amounts paid, outstanding, delinquent amounts, arising interests, transfer history, penalties for delayed handover of real estate … And once owned Customers want to know more about the monthly fee for electricity, water, internet, cable TV, car, pool, gym … All this customer information. can be met from time to time by accessing the web with your granted account. In addition, customers can send requests, questions, comments to the management unit and receive feedback through this portal. Imagine this tool saves you how much time with each customer query, and how many queries per day so.

The Customer Care App is a new feature added in the Customer Care module that helps Real Estate buyers interact with real estate investors. The application runs on the Website and mobile interface, compatible on both Android and iOS.

Through this application, customers can know in advance how many apartments have been purchased, debt status, information on new projects, information exchanges of inquiries of customers and investors.


  • Notification: Notification of investment events, notification of payment status, reminder of payment schedule.
  • Real estate property: Details of real estate owned, contract value, transaction history of apartments, payment schedule, printing of payment documents.
  • Feedback: Communicate directly with the customer service department via the online messaging service.

(Source: Ta Vi Co., Ltd)

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