Invoice approval process

In practice, the integration between Invoice Register program and SunSystems requires a bridge to control the invoice approval process to save time, avoid repetition and guarantee the data completeness. For this reason, IPA (INVOICE PAYABLES AUTHORISATION) was made to work as an effective bridge. Invoice approval process is implemented as follows:


  • After the invoice is registered successfully, the data from Invoice Register will be transferred to IPA for checking.
  • First, the system check the money amount on the invoice. If the amount is not paid completely, the system will require to separate this amount before transferring to IPA. If the invoice is unsettled or settled, it can be transferred to IPA normally. However, the business amount of the invoice in IPA can be different from from Invoice Register due to the currency difference between the registering date and IPA date.
  • Next, the data of Invoice Register is converted to IPA diary by IPA Ledger Interface tool (IPA reference code is unique).
  • You can input and change IPA data with IPA data input form. With the business reference information, we can refer to the SunSystems.
  • Next, the system check the validity of the data according to SunSystems rule sets. SunSystems Rule Sets  and IPA must be synchronized to guarantee the integration between them.
  • When the information is valid, the program extract the data from 2 sheets. One sheet is IPA data, the other is supplement explanations. After that, IPA status will be updated to Invoice Register program.
  • IPA diary will be integrated into SunSystems.
  • Finally, when the business is settled, the system will automatically update payment details for Invoice Register program.

(Source: Ta Vi Co., Ltd)

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