Invoice registration process

Invoice registration process is implemented as follows:

  • First, finance staffs approach contract/PO/SO from clients/suppliers.
  • The information of new suppliers will be updated into the module Vendor in the next step with the condition that Vendor code is unique to each supplier.
  • In the next step, the information of the contract will be updated into Module Contract (Contract code is not identical to the previous contract). Contract information can be accessed quickly via Document Link. Module Contract manages two values: original value and added value of the contract.
  • Budget information is then updated into Budget Verification project. Similarly, Contract and Budget also manages 2 values: original value and added value.
  • After that, the finance staff receive the invoice and register the invoice. Based on the NET value of the invoice, Invoice Register program will automatically calculate the VAT (applied to domestic suppliers) and CIT (applied to foreign supplier).
  • Finance staffs check the invoice information again. If it is sufficient and accurate, the next step is taken.
  • The finance staffs confirm the invoice information, register budget code (referring to Budget Verification program) and contract code.
  • The program will check if the the invoice value (NET value) exceeds the contract value and budget. If it does, the program will have a warning and request the user to input more budget and contract value.
  • After all information are sufficient and valid, the program will inform invoice registration is successful.

(Source: Ta Vi Co., Ltd)

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