Property Management System is a real estate management solution for apartment, building projects of all sizes.

Main fuction:

  • Manage all apartment information, contract value, building, batch payment schedule with% value and due date for each batch. Customer information, sales staff, … Criteria analysis of apartments, customers are fully defined.
  • Manage contract signing process and history of transfer of apartment with detailed information of the contract. Print out a lease – rent, lease – buy, buy – promise to sell, promise to rent and lease in accordance with current regulations. Changes to the terms of the contract, such as contract value, payment schedule, membership information, owner change, etc. are stored to print the change process at any time.
  • Carry out customer collection through bank payment. The payment amount is automatically allocated to the batch receipts with the remaining amount managed. This amount can be returned to the customer, payment for the next installment, repayment of interest, payment of the transfer, payment of termination fee, … depending on the actual arising. Interest is calculated automatically based on maturity date, maturity and can be calculated as expected interest receivable in the future. Manage payment date, coupon date, transfer date, multiple currencies at the rate of each transaction.
  • Print out the first debt reminder letter and debt warning letter for a series of customers that are due for a period of time and payment. Printed reports of bank transactions, overdue interest, transfer, repayment, transfer, debt situation, debt status as required bank. Printed forms are available for each type of cash payment, bank payment, VND and USD.
  • Print detailed reports, apartment payments, functional reports such as overpaid, underpaid, unpaid time segment, overdue, overdue extension Comprehensive and detailed.
  • Customized management reports such as customer revenue classification by nationality, residence area; The collection must be collected and collected in installments; percent of units sold; The overall plot of the apartment according to each status has been sold, empty, suspended, not sold.
  • User-friendly interface, simplified process, easy to use. The ability to decentralize system functionality by user group.

Ability to integrate and extend

  • Payment item information can be extracted to integrate into existing ERP financial management systems.
  • Can run in local area network or remote / intranet / internet. Outstanding technology and advanced SQL Server database management make this possible.
  • Customized analysis reports are designed as custom query reports using the BI Phoebus Vision tool. The user designs the query report according to his requirements.


The software consists of 2 main modules: Sales and Debt

I. Sales:

a. Project management:

  • List of projects.
  • Land Block List.
  • List of Lot – Floor.
  • Listing of real estate.

Artwork from the function screen

b. Transaction Management:

  • Contract: The Transaction Code is used to manage a customer’s deal with an apartment. Depending on the status of the transaction, there will be a Deposit Code, Contract Code, Termination Code, Transfer Code, Serial Code.
  • Debt Reminder: Based on the due date and predetermined time periods, there are different types of debt reminders:
    • Notification mail.
    • Overdue debt reminders (1, 2, 3 …).
    • Missing payment reminders (1, 2, 3 …).
  • Payout: Define pay periods, flexible according to each policy, specific time according to the company. The payment period shall specify the amount to be collected in installments, due date. Maturity dates may be specified on a pre-selection date or on a relative basis based on the date of the contract.

c. Entity Management:

  • Entity catalog: Manage information about customers, investors, trading floors, employees …
  • Contact Categories: Management information about representatives of customers, banks, companies, …

d. Reference information:

  • Reference information relating to real estate. Criteria for analysis.

II. Debt:

a. Manage the collection and payment of payments based on the selected payments in the contract.

b. The program allows users to split a payment cycle into multiple receivers.

Picture screen function

c. In addition, users can specify the method of calculating interest, interest, interest as well as other receivables such as deposit, transfer fee, termination fee, handover fee.

III. Report:

In addition to the available reports, users can create new reports according to their own needs as well as change the format of the report, which is a feature of the software. Reports can be filtered, analyzed according to different criteria.
a. Contract forms:

  • Individual sales contract.
  • Individual sales contract.
  • Purchase contract for the company.
  • Deposit certificate.
  • Request for termination of the contract.
  • Request for transfer.

b. Sales Report:

  • Project list.
  • Land Block List – Block.
  • Lot List – Floor.
  • List of properties.
  • List of customers.
  • List of Entities.
  • Customer list of overdue debt.
  • Payment schedule (details by the due date).
  • Monthly payment plan.
  • Transaction of apartment: Indicate how many times the apartment has been sold, who the customer is, what is the current status …
  • Customer transaction status: How many transactions (how many apartments are purchased), what is the payment status, what is the current status of the transaction …
  • Collection Status: Indicates amounts collected from time to time, apartments, transactions, buildings …
  • Apartment Sales Statistics: The chart report shows the number and percentage of flat (sold, deposit, empty, hold, postponed, handed over) status.
  • Collection statistics: Chart report showing the amount receivable and collected according to the payment cycle.

c. Debt report:

  • Consolidated debt: The customer’s balance of payments and expenditures over a certain period of time.
  • Detailed debt by contract: Indicate the amount of debt per transaction.

  • Red invoice: The software allows to print red invoices from the program according to the new regulations on land tax, VAT …

  • Cash book money.
  • Bank deposit funds.
  • Receipts, bills.

d. Notification mail:

  • Notice of payment maturity.
  • Debt reminder letter.
  • Overdue debt reminders.
  • Debt reminder history.

IV. Admin reports

Reporting features for management view and export reports.

Benefit Features:

  • Helps administrators see reports quickly;
  • Save time, manually export the report without waiting staff;
  • Ensure company confidential information when supported by the decentralization function;
  • Helps administrators capture the business situation in the most detailed and specific way.

Types of reports:

  • The staff ratio of the floor (Pie Chart)
  • Organization chart of business department
  • Sales statistics
  • Top sales staff the highest contract
  • Sales situation of employees
  • Sales situation under the project
  • Sales situation of the floor
  • Cash flow project
  • View fund


Statement of expenses by department

Debt reporting under the project

Cash flow statement

(Source: Ta Vi Co., Ltd)

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