Warehouse management process for petroleum enterprises

Some enterprises may be facing with difficulties when using inventory of Sun Business. It is because the system can only manage the following information like: warehouse documents, item code, quantity, value, contract reference /PO/SO, supplier code. Moreover, the average value of goods/material is not flexible enough and the information of goods and materials can’t manage Serial No. and Part No of goods/materials. In order to overcome this limitation, TAVICO made ISP (Inventory Software Package). ISP will be integrated into SunSystems to maintain the completeness between warehouse data and SunBiz. With ISP, some information of the order like: ocean bill of lading, airway bill and merchandise information like Serial No., Part No,… are managed closely, the average prices of goods/materials are calculated more flexibly.

Please refer to the below flow chart to understand more about the operation process of ISP:

(Source: Ta Vi Co., Ltd)

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